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BlendCard Only



Again this year, the Family Fun Festival is promoting BlendCard. A brand new way to redeem drinks with price specials unique to the Iowa City Family Fun Festival!

When entering the beverage garden you will be given the opportunity to load drink tickets onto a BlendCard which works the same as drink tickets but with some added perks!  (1 ticket = $2)

You can get a BlendCard for FREE at the beverage garden entrance. You simply load money onto the card and use it whenever you purchase any type of beverage at the main tent. This is an easy way to keep track of your money and you won’t have to hold on to all those loose drink tickets! You also get a special deal when you buy your drinks on the BlendCard, $20 gets you $24 loaded to the card and $40 gets you $48! All beverages sold at the Fall Fun Festival are $2 or $4 each.

The best part is that you can use it throughout the Iowa City Corridor long after the Festival weekend. Hang on to your BlendCard to get free gift cards, free items, and rewards from participating area businesses, all loaded to ONE card!

You can get more information and pick up your free BlendCard at any participating business ( or get one when you come to the food & beverage tent.