Volunteers & Staff

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Thank you to the AMAZING volunteers and staff who help make this event such a success!

Tom Brandt, Festival Co-Chair

Brian Fiegel, 3v3 soccer

Chris and Teresa Suchomel, Softball

Paula Rogers, Lower Beverage

Paul Pursley and Brent Pritchard, Regal Race and Fun Run

Jenny Comer, Mike Shay, Alan Ellis, Pancake Breakfast

Katie Horner and Ben Kratz, KidZone

Johnna Leddy, STEM Discovery Zone

Bo and Maureen Connell, Bath Tub Races

Carolyn Sueppel, Amazing Race

Brandon and Amy Mills, Beverage Garden

Molly Joss, Main Food

Chrissy Chambliss and Mary Brauns, 3 v 3 Basketball


Help us out – Sign up to volunteer!